Makanda Project

The Makanda Project is an ensemble dedicated to performing the previously unrecorded compositions of Makanda Ken McIntyre. Makanda was a brilliant composer, with compositions marked by a distinctive rhythmic and lyrical quality, along with how effectively he could do the unexpected.  Pianist and leader John Kordalewski, who studied and performed with Makanda, has arranged almost 50 of the compositions for a large ensemble.  With new arrangements, and without the opportunity to hear Makanda’s performances of these pieces, the Makanda Project’s approach differs from that of the “ghost bands” that sometimes form to honor the legacy of a great musician.  The Makanda Project is extending Dr McIntyre’s work in new ways and has developed its own identity with his compositions as a vehicle.  The group is based in Boston, Massachusetts, (Makanda’s hometown) and was formed in 2005.  Since then The Makanda Project has been sharing what they believe is something unique and special about Makanda’s music and adding their own individual and collective voices to his compositions.

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