World-Class Gospel In Harlem For Everyone

Gospel has made a name for itself worldwide. With New York City as its hometown, there is nothing quite like a Harlem gospel event with a local to give you real insight into this community. Luckily, Harlem Jazz Boxx offers a gospel event for everyone!

Our Harlem Gospel Series(opens in a new tab) takes place every Wednesday afternoon at the Greater Calvary Baptist Church and is the perfect intro to true gospel — yes, clapping and stomping your feet along with everyone else is accepted and even encouraged!

If you’re in town for the Christmas or Easter holidays, then take a peek at our Harlem Holiday Gospel Celebrations(opens in a new tab) or Easter Weekend Gospel Celebration(opens in a new tab) at Mt. Olivet Baptist Church. Whichever event you decide to take, we guarantee you’ll be smiling the whole time and will leave with your heart full.

Cropped body picture of 3 people dressed in red and white choir robes
Large crowd of people enjoying the choir all dressed in white at the front of the church
Choir in white robes standing at the front of the church crowd

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