Khemestry Khem

Khemestry Khem began playing trumpet at the age of 11, eventually studying jazz at The Juilliard School, following in the footsteps of his teachers Jerome Austin and Wynton Marsalis. Khemestry continued his studies at The New School conservatory, receiving instruction from Reggie Workman, Jimmy Owens, Charles Tolliver, George Cables, Kenny Barron and many others. Having acquired a vast amount of training in his field over many years of development, Khemestry decided to form his musical voice through composition and stylistic playing. He started ’The Harlem Society,’ formatting his music for the small and orchestral-sized groups, debuting his first four-movement suite called “Where’s My Basquiat?” It is Khemestry’s goal and dream to build a legacy like that of Duke Ellington, and Quincy Jones to continue the rich musical legacy of Harlem and Black history and culture.

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