Joseph Daley

The Tuba Trio is an exploration into the improvisational concepts of the visionary composer & multi-instrumentalist Sam Rivers and is dedicated to his memory. It features Joseph Daley on tuba and euphonium, joined by Warren Smith on a drum set, bass marimba, marimba and a variety of percussion instruments, and Scott Robinson on a variety of reeds including tenor sax, bass sax, a jazzophone, contra-alto clarinet, and theremin. JOSEPH DALEY has performed on the adventurous music scene with remarkable artists and has produced several acclaimed projects for his JoDa Music label while continuing sideman duties with Liberation Music Orchestra, Bill Cole’s Untempered Ensemble, Gravity, and Hazmat Modine. WARREN SMITH is known for masterful percussion work with an endless array of jazz artists, a bevy of pop stars, and in countless studios and Broadway pit bands, as well as on more than 3,000 recordings. SCOTT ROBINSON is best known for his work with various styles of saxophones and has appeared on more than 200 LP and CD releases, including eleven under his leadership.

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