Corey Wallace

Corey Wallace playing his trombone

Soulful. Empowering. Tasteful. All have been used to describe the playing, composing styles, and the musicality of trombonist Corey A. Wallace. Believing in learning directly from his peers and the elders, Wallace has shared the stage or studied with a host of jazz luminaries, such as Wycliffe Gordon, Lee Konitz, Joe Chambers, Jason Marshall, Vincent Gardner, Matt Wilson, Grachan Moncur III, Howard Johnson, Andrew Cyrille, Whit Williams, Tim Green, Warren Wolf, Matt Wilson, and many others in the R&B/funk/gospel/genres.

Wallace was also selected as the 2012 Best Trombonist by the Washington City Paper for his “technical fluidity and for the heavy dose [of] introspection that sits right on the surface of his playing.” Playing in the top clubs in NYC, Corey regularly performs with the Jason Marshall Big Band, Leon Lacey’s Freshly Orchestrated, the JC Hopkins Biggish Band, the Impressions, the Marcus Johnson Urban Jam Band, and the Valery Ponomerav “Our Father Who Art Blakey” Big Band. Wallace continues to lead his own groups, including the Corey Wallace DUBtet.

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